Product Manual HX

3.2    Charge

* Place the charging clamp on the watch face

* The (2) charging pins should directly touch the
(2) battery circles on the back of the watch face

* When charged properly, the watch face will display the battery icon with a rolling charging grid

3.3    Health Data

* Activity, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Blood Oxygen is
automatically detected once the watch is successfully connected
through Bluetooth to your mobile device.

* The step counter is automatically cleared at the end of the day

* Use the app to view health data on a daily, weekly, and monthly
report status

*Sleep is enabled by default. The sleep function is designed to run
in the background. Sleep data is tracked from 2100 - 0900 (9pm - 9am).
Before tracking sleep, you must select the synchronization button. The
sync button is the watch icon displayed in the top left corner of the app.
The sync button must be selected again to view sleep data collected
from the watch. For accurate data, ensure the watch is placed firmly
on your wrist.


3.4    Download the “FunDo Pro” app

         from the App store


 3.5.1    Select your preferences

            and for location and

            Bluetooth settings.



 3.5.2    Select the “More” icon in the bottom

           right corner to “+Add” device.


 3.5.3    Connect you mobile device to        

            your HX by selecting “CF006”



 3.5.4    Pair mobile device with Bluetooth.

            The status should display as



 *Please Note: When the watch is beyond the

distance of Bluetooth connection it will disconnect.

To re-connect, open the app and select your mobile

device under “My device” and Bluetooth will

automatically connect.



3.6.1  Select the “Me” icon on the

          bottom left corner to add

          personal data.



 3.7.1  Other Functions:  All settings can

          be found under the “More” icon.


* Turn on call, SMS messaging, and

social media notification by sliding

the icon button over until it displays



* Calls will display contact name if saved

in mobile device.  SMS text messages

will display name if saved in mobile device and will also display preview

of message.



 3.7.2    Other Functions:  All settings can

            be found under the “More” icon.


* Change Unit Settings my selecting

unit of measure.



 3.7.3  Other Functions:  Other functions that can be be adjusted under the

          “More” screen include camera, application push, sedentary remind, alarm              

           clock, drinking water remind, remind mode, heart rate test, and do not

           disturb mode.



3.8.1  Apple Health for iPhone Users

 Under the “More” icon select “Connect apple health”

 Select “Turn All Categories On” to enable: Active Energy, Steps, Walking + Running Distance.  Then Select “Allow” in the top right corner.

* Follow the Health app set up prompts.

 *You will then also be able to use your HX watch to track through the Health app

 *Check for proper connection to the Health app by selecting “Sources” on the bottom of the screen